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reverse osmosis
  • Date posted:2020-04-20
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The reverse osmosis pure water equipment adopts the full-automatic control mode to reduce the influence of human error operation on the equipment belt. In the pretreatment system, the reduction system is used to solve the irreparable influence of excess chlorine on the reverse osmosis membrane. In the selection of reverse osmosis membrane, the original imported reverse osmosis membrane from the United States is used, with a service life of up to 3 years and a water conductivity of less than 5us. Domestic Nanfang pump and imported Grundfos pump are selected for the pump, with low operation noise and long service life. We use the professional design software of Dow company, and the recovery rate can reach more than 65%. High degree of automation, simple operation, stable water quality, low operating cost, etc. are well received by customers.

Function description

1. Raw water tank: it is mainly used to solve the problem of unstable tap water pressure and reduce the mechanical failure caused by frequent start-up of lift pump or unstable tap water pressure during operation.

2. Quartz sand filter: tap water enters from the upper end of the tank body and flows uniformly from the upper end of the filter layer to the lower end through the upper water distributor. After passing through the filter layer, the tap water is separated from the filter layer through the water distributor to form the filtered water.

3. Activated carbon filter: the internal structure of activated carbon filter is exactly the same as quartz sand filter. After activated carbon adsorption, the residual chlorine of tap water can generally be reduced to less than 0.1mg/l.

4. Precision filter: it mainly uses 5us melt blown filter element, which can remove fine particles and further create conditions for reverse osmosis water inflow.

5. High pressure pump: provide power for RO operation.

6. Reverse osmosis system: reverse osmosis system is the core component of reverse osmosis pure water equipment. In the design of reverse osmosis, the number, brand and arrangement of filter membrane elements are mainly considered.

7. Pure water tank: used to store pure water.


System control and advantages:

1. Automatic water make-up of self supplied water tank: when the liquid level of self supplied water tank reaches low level, automatic water make-up is carried out. Stop water replenishment when water replenishment reaches high level

2. When the water level of the incoming water tank reaches a certain level, the system starts to work and stops when the pure water tank is full of water.

3. When the incoming water tank is at low water level, start the water shortage protection, the system stops completely, and manual and automatic operation cannot be carried out.

4. Start up cleaning shall be carried out every time the reverse osmosis system is started up, and the time of start-up cleaning shall be controlled at about 30 seconds (the time is adjustable). When the reverse osmosis system is running for a period of time, timing cleaning shall be carried out (the time is adjustable).

5. When the pretreatment pressure is less than 2kg, the RO main unit is protected by low pressure.


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